Why Choose to Go to Italy for Your Vacation


If you love history, historical landmarks, magnificent art and spectacular scenery, then there are only a few places in your list of vacation destinations and Italy should be on top of it.  The country, the first world power, the seat of the Christian faith has more to offer to tourist than any other country.

Italy has the Vatican, the smallest city state in the world and residence of the papacy.  Even if you are not catholic, this should not deter from being amazed by the Massive St. Peter Basilica, a marvel of architectural splendor, the Sistine with Michelangelo’s famous painting, art and religious museums where the works of the most prominent renaissance artists are displayed. And you go out the Vatican theirs the city of Rome.  You’d not miss the Colosseum, the Palatine hills, which is at the center of the Seven Hills of Rome and among the oldest parts of the capital. Rising 40 meters high, it offers a vantage point of the Roman Forum; still another of Rome’s many well-known landmarks. Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rI4NkmusAo about travel.

Food always plays an important role in tourists’ choice of a destination.  Of course, wherever you are from, you have probably tasted Italian food already, most likely spaghetti.  Well, if you want to properly know what Italian culinary is really like you can sign up with one of the many rome food tours that  travel agencies offers.

Italy tour packages from The Roman Guy are not limited Rome and the Vatican.    Italy has more to offer than that. You can go to Florence, Tuscany region’s capital. It is where renaissance art started. Some of the attractions of the city include the Duomo, with a bell tower designed by Giotto and terracotta dome constructed by architect Brunelleschi, the Galleria dell’Accademia which houses Michelangelo’s sculpture of David, the Uffizi Gallery which exhibits “The Birth of Venus” by Botticelli and “Annunciation” by da Vinci, the Palazzo Vecchio which serve’s a the city hall, the Palazzo Pitti, a colossal renaissance palace sitting beside the Arno river, and many others.

The best way to enjoy your stay in Italy is to sign up with a travel agency. The Roman Guy of offers a Rome and Vatican tour as well as a florence walking tour. It will take care of everything from air tickets, accommodations and itinerary.  Unless you have all the time in the world, going around Italy can without a guide can be stressful and expensive.

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